DAY 14

pursue prayer

“… Jesus would often withdraw to desolate (lonely) places and pray.”
Luke 5:16

Before beginning his public ministry, Jesus spent 40 solitary days in the desert, fasting and praying. He experienced a great victory over satan at the end of those 40 days. Yet, Jesus knew he needed to continue depending on his Father if he would fulfill his mission.

In the above verse, Luke says Jesus’ habit after beginning his ministry was to slip away from the crowds and the daily demands of ministry to pray. Jesus understood that his public ministry was only as effective as his private times of prayer. Therefore, he was intentional about leaving the crowds and his disciples to be alone with God. Jesus could have spent every waking moment teaching the crowds and healing the sick. Yet, he would often withdraw from people so he could have uninterrupted times with His Father.

Life today is busy. Most people have numerous demands placed upon them. Many of these demands are valid and need to be fulfilled. However, the demands of others can distract us from the privilege of being with our heavenly Father.

What can we do about this? Let’s follow Jesus’ example. Let’s be intentional during this year about regularly stepping aside from the tyranny of the urgent to sit before God, to read His Word, to pour our hearts out to Him, to listen to voice and mostly to enjoy His company!!!

Jesus, thank You for the example You have left us. Thank You for leaving us more than an example. You left us the Holy Spirit, a helper who will be with us forever!! Holy Spirit, please remind us every day of the privileges we have as sons and daughters of God. Open our eyes that we might see what awaits us at the throne of grace. Do whatever is necessary in us that we would faithfully follow the Lamb!