DAY 01

Weeping may endure for the night, but a shout of joy comes in the morning
Psalm 30:5

Although this verse doesn’t mention fasting, it describes what might occur during a period of fasting. The beginning of a fast (first couple of days) at times brings physical and emotional discomfort as those things we use for comfort (food, TV, etc.) are removed. We might be irritable with others and find it hard to pray or read the Bible. It would be easy to think, “What’s the use of fasting since I feel horrible, I can’t pray and I’m a grouch!”. If that’s you, don’t give up! These struggles only last a relatively short time. On the other side of the “weeping” is a “shout of joy”. Once the body and soul are cleansed of built up toxins, we enter into a period of physical and spiritual renewal. Our mind is clearer and our spirit more in tuned with the Holy Spirit. The distractions that kept us from God’s best are removed and we experience His presence at a deeper level, which brings fullness of joy! As we begin our season of prayer and fasting, let us endure the discomfort fasting brings knowing it will last only “for the night”. And it will certainly lead to a new season of joyful harvest that will extend throughout 2020!

Father, thank you for opportunity to focus our attention on You. Please strengthen us physically, mentally and spiritually during this season of seeking You. In our weakness, help us remember that You are our strength. Above all, be magnified in and through us in all things! Amen!