Legacy Church Senior Pastor Transition Process

In accordance with the By-laws, the elders are announcing a special meeting for September 8, 2019.

Article VII, Section 2d

Upon unanimous vote of the elders, the candidate shall then be announced to the church prior to a special meeting. The candidate must then be approved by a two-thirds vote of a quorum at the stated meeting. If no quorum is present, the Elders shall decide and the decision will be considered final.

This meeting will immediately follow the Sunday morning service and is for the sole purpose of voting on the elders endorsement of Pastor Max Perez as the next Senior Pastor. That includes an understanding that he will assume that position fully through a transition process, which is described below. The vote will be by secret ballot.

A Few Points of Interest:
1) Pastor Max is speaking again on September 1st
2) There will be a Q&A time immediately following that service – both Pastor Max and Rebecka will be available for questions.

In our formal presentation of Pastor Max on August 11th, we indicated the following:
We (the elders) will be asking you to affirm the elder’s endorsement of Pastor Max Perez as the next Senior/Lead Pastor even though he will not step into that role immediately, but rather will go through a process of transition. That process will be presented in a separate document in the near future.

Following is an outline of that process:

At the annual meeting, we made our original announcement concerning the transition process, which included the idea that Pastor Max would have previous ministry experience, but would benefit from working alongside Pastor Dave for a year or so. He would come and work “like” an associate, meaning Pastor Dave and he would be equals and work in unity and accountability with the elders. At the end of that time, if not before, the transition would be final.

The transition process is scheduled to begin October 1, 2019 and end October 1, 2020 or earlier.

Pastor Max would begin spending time in Delmar the first of October, 2019. October through December he would be participating on a part-time basis (coming at least twice a month – Thursday through Monday). His wife, Rebecka will accompany him as often as possible. Beginning January 1st he will be here full time. Rebecka and Stella’s final move will depend on Rebecka finalizing business obligations. Their hope is for that to occur prior to June. In the meantime, Rebecka and Stella will be in Delmar as often as possible.

To quote Pastor Max:
“During the last quarter of 2019, I want to get to know the leaders, the staff, the influencers, the ministry leaders, connect group leaders, volunteers, and intercessors. Ideally, I want to join in on whatever the church already has on the schedule and only add special gatherings to pray, laugh, fellowship, share stories, hear hearts and allow God to move. My heart is that I would get to observe, get to know, nurture, and care for the flock that God is making me a shepherd over.”

During the last quarter of 2019, Pastor Max will preach twice per month.

October and possibly November will be a time for him to interact mostly on a relational level – acclimating to the local and church culture, developing relationships with leaders, staff, volunteers, and members.

In November and December he will begin to take on certain roles and responsibilities as determined in conjunction with the elders.

Every three months, in the one year or less transition process, there will be a review by the elders, Pastor Dave and Pastor Max to evaluate roles and shift them accordingly. The first will happen in January 2020, the second in April 2020 if needed, the third in July 2020 if needed, and then there will be a final one if needed in October 2020.

If at any juncture, in that process, it is determined Pastor Max is ready to assume the Senior/Lead Pastor position completely, the elders will announce the transition is complete. At that time there will be a celebration/passing of the torch service in recognition of Pastor Max as the new Senior/Lead Pastor.

Once the process begins the elders and pastors will make every effort to keep the church informed and aware of the changing roles and responsibilities.

Thank you for your patience and support to this point and into the future.

God’s richest blessings!

The Elders