Max Perez

Dave & Laurie
Pastors of Legacy Church

Dear Pastor Dave,

I am interested in obtaining the lead pastor position with Legacy Church. I currently serve as a staff pastor at the House of Praise International Church. With twelve years of experience in the field of youth ministry and five of those years as a campus pastor, I am confident I possess the qualifications the eldership board is looking for in a servant leader.

As a Youth Pastor, I currently oversee 3 campuses and a small group network of 21 leaders. Over the years I have served as a key leader producer in the church. I have a passion for the gospel and discipleship. I have implemented internship programs for students and church-wide training in discipleship called “Growing You.” I have worked closely with the lead pastor for many years and acquired a variety of experience in pastoral care, preaching, and leadership matters. I serve on the executive team, which serves as the team that strategizes and implements the yearly calendar and all ministry conducted in the church.

I am hard working, honest, and flexible. I do whatever it takes to get the job done. My number one priority is the growth of the sheep and preaching of the gospel to the lost. Some of my favorite pastors to listen to include: Gilbert Silva-House of Praise, Judah Smith-ChurchHome, Frank Damazio, Rich Wilkerson Jr-Vous Church, Levi Lusko-Fresh Life Church, John and Lisa Bevere-New Life Church, and Craig Groeschel-Life.Church.

My academic and leadership experiences, which are outlined in my resume, have prepared me for the lead pastor position. Being actively involved in the church and having a multitude of experiences working with different age levels has varied my ministerial experience and breadth of knowledge as well as furthered my ability to work well on a team. I hope to be given the opportunity and the privilege to serve the community of Delmar and the surrounding counties through Legacy Church.

I look forward to meeting with you in May! Thank you for your time.

Consumed by Him,
Max T. Perez