Introducing Pastor Max & Rebecka Perez

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Formal Presentation of Max Perez to Legacy Church

First we want to reiterate what was presented at the annual meeting in regards to what the by-laws specify concerning the calling of a Senior/Lead Pastor (not a staff member, but a Lead Pastor, which is what we are presenting in Pastor Max). We will be asking you to affirm the elder’s endorsement of Pastor Max Perez as the next Senior/Lead Pastor even though he will not step into that role immediately, but rather will go through a process of transition. That process will be presented in a separate document in the near future.

Excerpt from our By-Laws:

Article VII – Senior Pastor
Section 2-Calling to Oversee the Church
a. The Elders shall be responsible for the search and calling of a Senior Pastor for the Church.

b. The Elders shall be responsible to obtain names and qualifications of candidates for consideration, and shall set the terms and conditions for hearing and considering the candidate.

c. After a time of prayer and fasting and upon a unanimous vote of the Elders, a candidate will be considered to be under primary consideration. The candidate will meet with the Elders and church ministry heads. After a minimum of two weeks notice to the congregation, the candidate will preach a sermon at a Sunday morning service.

d. Upon unanimous vote of the elders, the candidate shall then be announced to the church prior to a special meeting. The candidate must then be approved by a two-thirds vote of a quorum at the stated meeting. If no quorum is present, the Elders shall decide and the decision will be considered final.

e. Upon acceptance of the call to be the Senior Pastor, said Senior Pastor shall be named to the list of members.

f. The terms of compensation of the Senior Pastor shall be determined by the unpaid Elders following appropriate consultation.

Following is an overview of how we (the elders) arrived at this point with Pastor Max:

Pastor Max’s pastor and mentor (for over ten years), contacted Pastor Dave and mentioned his Assoc./Youth minister was sensing God calling him to more.

The leadership of Legacy watched videos of sermons, did some background searching, and decided we should pursue this further.

Pastor Dave contacted Pastor Max and arranged a meeting with Pastor Dave/Laurie and Pastor Max/Rebecka and on the same weekend with Pastor Gordy/Sue and then with Gary and Wes.

We all interviewed them and sensed God was in this. Subsequently we sent them some questions in preparation for another interview and at the same time Pastor Dave and Pastor Gordy had individual conversations with Pastor Max.

The elders decided to create a salary package and see if it would be feasible for them to accept.

Pastor Max and his wife, Rebecka agreed to pursue the possibility and sought release from their pastor/elders to do so. This was not only granted, but they have been given their leadership’s blessing.

At that point we had another interview via video conference and asked many probing questions. We were all pleased not only with the answers, but with both Pastor Max and Rebecka’s transparency, candor, and maturity.

We then proceeded to arrange for the church to meet them and interact with them.

Respectfully Submitted,
The Elders